You may say I'm a dreamer...

But I'm not the only one, I guess?

Hey, I'm Dennis and I love being creative.
As so many other kids, I've always kept myself entertained by drawing, doodling, painting etc.
Many years later, I'm not a kid anymore (well...) but I'm still doing all of that.
I went to art school during my teens, grew up, got a "non-creative" job and realised that was wrong.

So I took a graphic design course, found my passion and 3 years later, I got my degree.
I quit my old job, traveled the world to discover more beautiful things

and moved to Spain.

-Que?! Why?
In the first place, to attend a Design School, to study Web Design.
In the second place, for life experience...
So I learned more about web design and other types of art. Other types of people, of languages...
Especially Español.
It's been an interesting and fun 2 years.
But I felt I had some unfinished business back home in Belgium.
So I moved, to the lovely city of Ghent.
And that is where I live right now.
And it's great.

So now I've started my own little business as a freelance designer. Quite exciting!
And I'll be happy to help you with your "creative dream"!
Let me know what I can do for you!